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Have you ever wondered what can happen when you place a bet and your game is postponed due for some reason? If the answer is positive, this article is right here to explain all about the possible scenarios that can take place if it occurs.

It is a stressful situation when a match you plan on earning some money is getting put off for another time. And it is even more disappointing when a game is delayed, and you make a pre-match bet, hoping for it to succeed. So, in case you are wondering how long does it take Bet9Ja to decide a postponed match, you can find out by clicking a link. However, here in the article, you can retrieve some general information about the whole cancellation and postponement processes and significant facts about what you should do in these situations.

What is a Void Bet?

What is a Void Bet?

It is certainly a bit frustrating when you have already built your best predictions with the odds you like the most, and the match has been canceled. But what happens next? The bet cannot simply become void until the cancellation of the event itself. Following the best scenario, your prediction will be as it is until the bookmaker informs you about the cancellation of the match. In this case, you will still receive your money back.

Accumulators and Their Specifics

Accumulators are difficult because, basically, they are presented in the form of a bet that consists of several predictions. So, what would you do if one of the games that includes any of your predictions were canceled or postponed?

In this case, you need to understand that according to the T&C and rules of a particular bookmaker, you can get your money back for these particular selections. For instance, if one game was canceled, the amount of the stake for this event will be returned to your balance.

However, if a bookmaker demands that users include five or three or more selections in their predictions, then in case of the game cancellation, the whole bet becomes void. The same can happen if one of the games is postponed for an uncertain period.

So, when you build your accumulator, bear in mind that you need to read the betting rules and conditions. It is especially vital for tournaments and special promotions where some terms are necessary to activate or win a reward.

How Long Can a Game Be Postponed?

Well, what you really need to do is stop worrying because the event still stands on the timetable. Its rescheduling means nothing until the moment the event can be canceled at all. Your odds and stakes are kept as they are until the day the event will start. Usually, the games can be postponed for 48 or 72 hours.

If you have further questions on the matter, we recommend you apply to your bookmaker and find out more details because every betting platform has its own rules and conditions. Besides, the timing can vary depending on multiple factors, from the type of sport to weather conditions.

What Happens if the Match Place was Changed?

What Happens if the Match Place was Changed?

It is evident that when a game is rescheduled for another date, it is due to the need to make everything right, or that happened for some serious reason. In many cases, punters’ bets will be as they were without any changes. But if the game was canceled without any intention of being played, then you will probably get your money back. Even if this game is still played later, you would need to build your prediction again from zero.

With postponed games, as we mentioned earlier, the bets must be played within a certain time period. Otherwise, they will be void.

The Reasons for Your Bet to Be Voided by the Bookmaker

To help you understand everything about void bets, you can observe the most common situations when your prediction can be invalid in the list below:

  1. You made a prediction after the game had begun, and the results were established.
  2. Your predictions have an error in prices.
  3. As a part of an accumulator, your predictions can be in conflict.
  4. You violated some of the terms and rules of the bookmaker.
  5. The event was delayed or canceled.
  6. Technical error during the placement of the bet.
  7. The bookmaker set up incorrect markets.

All these reasons, which are quite a lot, can lead to the prediction becoming invalid. Nigerian bookmakers have certain rules and terms you need to take into account. Such problems can occur, and all you can do is find the best possible solutions to your problems.

Do Canceled Bets Affect Free Bets?

Many bookmakers offer their users a welcome or another bonus offer in the form of a free bet, and it will definitely be very stressful when a game you used is postponed or even canceled. So, what happens if such a situation occurs?

Well, that entirely depends on the bookmaker. The terms and conditions can vary, and in some cases, the club will return the money back to your balance regardless of the game’s fate. In less fortunate situations, you will get nothing if the event is postponed, and, probably, something will be sent as a cashback in case the game was postponed.

Why Games and Other Sporting Events Can Be Postponed or Canceled

Why Games and Other Sporting Events Can Be Postponed or Canceled

When you bet on major events, your expectations are the most positive. It is difficult to believe that it may be canceled or delayed. But statistics and real life show that everything is possible, even the circumstances of natural causes. To make it all more clear, we can lay out at least several reasons why something can go wrong:

  • rapidly worsening weather conditions;
  • sportsman’s injure;
  • civil unrest.

In case these situations happen, your bet will probably stay if the event is rescheduled. It is difficult to guess when it is going to happen. However, there are some strategies and precautionary measures punters can take to reduce the risks and potential loss.

Insights on the Bookmakers’ Policies Regarding the Canceled Bets

If we look at the statistics and some rules of the top-famous bookmakers, we notice that in most cases, bettors receive their money 1/1 back if their game was voided or canceled. Here, we will try to compare the policies of several leading Nigerian bookmakers so you can better understand what to expect in such situations.


Based on the information we managed to uncover, the bookmaker counts all bets void in case the event was postponed or started but not finished within a particular time period.

Also, in that case, based on the Bet9ja policy, bettors receive their funds back.

Moreover, the bookie states that your bets can become invalid if you violate the terms of wagering on the platform, such as lying about your age and other information, having more than one account, and others. In this case, your money won’t be returned, and bets are considered invalid. You can learn more about how long does it take Bet9Ja to decide a postponed match and find out more details in a separate article.


This is the most famous Nigerian bookmaker with tons of bet types and markets. It has a sufficient set of rules with detailed explanations of canceled and postponed matches. We will introduce you to some pieces of information that may cause the cancellation of bets:

  • bad weather conditions;
  • if the results of the event are already known;
  • in case the competition is delayed or postponed for more than 48 hours;
  • when the live match is interrupted for more than 5 hours;
  • in case the results of the event are revised later.

The list contains multiple points punters must read very attentively. However, we know for sure that if the bookmaker admits an error, all your stakes will be returned to your account. However, these are not all the options if you wish to cancel your 1xBet bet.


This bookmaker has more severe terms for its Nigerian bettors and states that it is not held liable for any mistake that occurred during wagering, and in case of their occurrence, the bookie recognizes these bets as invalid. Here is the list of cases when your bet can become void:

  • wrong price;
  • wrong fixture;
  • incorrect market;
  • wrong calculations;
  • bets acceptance on closed and finished events.

So, the same can happen with your free bets. If you use them and the event is canceled, these bets will be lost to you and won’t be returned. On top of that, that bookmaker can cancel all the bets if you violate any of the rules.

Tips on How to Avoid Bets Cancellation

Tips on How to Avoid Bets Cancellation

It seems like a difficult and challenging task to make predictions on the games and tournaments you like without any fear of their cancellation. Based on the tricks we uncovered, there is a way to reduce that inconvenience. You can observe the recommendations below:

  1. Reading the terms and conditions of your bookmaker is a must. The rules may differ, as you might notice from our earlier detailed looks at the approach of three popular Nigerian bookies.
  2. Find out more information on accumulator bets and take advantage of them. The rules of money returns in the case of accumulators also differ on every betting site. In the majority of cases, bookmakers prefer to give back the funds in case the match is canceled.
  3. Monitor the weather forecasts. In some games, the weather can have a crucial influence on the gaming process. If they are very bad and unacceptable, the match is very likely to be postponed. But you still have a small window to decide whether you need to make a bet or refuse to make it. However, it is impossible with a live regime.
  4. Read sports sections. You need to be more into sports, and the best way to do it is to read the news.
  5. Check insights from professional bettors. Some profound players prefer to provide some hints and recommendations for free. So, you better check their predictions and tricks. You can check such resources as Reddit and other popular websites.
  6. Use the help of prediction websites. In case of total confusion, find the most popular prediction websites and see what they can offer.
  7. Switch to live betting. If you are still afraid that your predictions can be canceled, try wagering in real-time. The chances that a match will be postponed or even canceled are very small.

These are the most valued tips that can help you avoid some unforeseen circumstances. As you can see, there are some actions you can take to avoid the cancellation of your bets and even use the situation to your benefit.

How to Accumulate Winnings if the Match was Postponed

How to Accumulate Winnings if the Match was Postponed

When you lose some bonus funds or some part of your budget, it may be very frustrating. But do not hurry up to return them. Take a wise approach and use the following strategies to grow your winnings:

  1. Claim all the bonuses. Thus, you can receive as much free money as you can to spend on wagering.
  2. Never bet in haste. Always keep your head cool and consider all aspects before you make a stake.
  3. Place small bets. It will give you an opportunity to save some money.

Therefore, if you adopt any of the tips we offer, you have more chances to win more money.



As you may notice, postponed games and matches are not that big of a problem. In many cases, it will be solved in favor of a player. However, in some more confusing situations, it can take a different direction. We tried to explain all we know about the local Nigerian bookmakers and their rules on the cancellation of bets. So, we hope you will find it useful and helpful to your future goals.


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